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2020 has been a challenging year in many ways, with the pandemic and all that has gone with it on a global level, and mourning the death of my mum on a personal level. As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my life, this year could have swallowed me up, however, with the help of Helen’s weekly sessions I have been able to stay grounded, calm and optimistic throughout. I cannot emphasise enough what a lifeline these sessions have been. The astrological updates and tarot readings have helped me to take different perspectives on what is happening in the world and the meditations have been unbelievably powerful - I leave each session feeling refreshed and ready for what is to come. Working with Helen every Wednesday and also one-to-one has helped to make this year, against many odds, one of the most rewarding of my life. Thank you Helen!  Alice Robinson, Teacher & Illustrator

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All my work is to help you shift from head to heart cantered living: your decisions become ones motivated by love and the best possible outcome, rather than fear and worst-case-scenario-itis, which leave you playing small, becoming resentful and frustrated with your lot. Instead I help people transition into lives of abundance, freedom, creativity and self expression. Find out more about how I transformed my life from self sabotage to self-celebration here


"I have been to hundreds of ceremonies over the last 30 years of running a retreat centre.  Helen's cacao ceremony in Ibiza really was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt ceremonies I have ever been a part of.  I had profound realizations, felt a deep connection to my family and that was because of her heart, her knowledge, her light and the beautiful and safe space she created!"
Kezia Kaur, Therapist, Healer, Life Coach, Founder & CEO Ashiana Retreats

Cacao Ceremonies


Ceremonial cacao to your home


The power of these ceremonies have grown in their power and preciousness since moving online.  Clients are finding that the familiarity and safety of their homes are allowing them to surrender more fully and journey with a new depth.  I send you instructions of how to make your ceremonial cacao and I am having wonderful feedback about this bringing people closer to the plant and the intentions they pour in whilst making it. 

Each ceremony is themed differently, relating to the planets or collective consciousness. You are invited to bring a friend or relative you are working on karma  in the relationship, on your own for some deeply healing me time.  Experienced drinkers and newbies all welcome. 

 Absolutely delicious, top quality, ceremonial grade cacao, sourced from a small farming co-operative in the Peruvian Andes founded in 1998 to preserve traditional methods of harvesting, working with small farmers to cultivate, process and market their products in accordance with the Soil Association’s organic standard.  Delivered to your door, wherever you are in the global village.  Makes the perfect present.
All packaging is environmentally friendly.
Health benefits for mind, body and soul.
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Weekly Wednesday Sessions


In March 2020 as the world began its deep transition, I began offering weekly online channeled meditation sessions as a more accessible alternative, or addition to the ceremonies.  They are each themed differently and include a tarot reading for the week, astrological insights and top tips for surfing the energies of the week ahead. 

They are a great way to get to know me and meet to the global community who tune in each week. Joining with cacao for a deeper experience is optional.

Some of the previous topics on popular themes are available to download and join in at home

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121 Coaching and Guidance


Combining 11 years of experience working as an international coach, with my spiritual knowledge and intuitive insights; bringing you tailored support from the practical to the mystic.

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Join Helen's YouTube channel as a way to not only stay sane in the changing times, but to enjoy the ride. The head to heart living community is open to all: those who have paved the way on the conscious path and those newly awakening. Helping you to raise vibrations, get clarity and stay rooted in your heart as we ride the waves.


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