Helen Millar

121 Work with me

Coaching + Spiritual Guidance

After completing my coaching training in 2009 I started freelancing as a communications specialist and facilitator within the public and private sectors.  I had a natural aptitude and within a few years was travelling the world and being commissioned to design my own material.  I received further training as a life coach and to be able to work with all the major psychometric testing systems.

I have travelled internationally to work with some of the biggest UK and global companies, including: SONY, Porsche, Goldman Sachs, NHS, Barclays, Cancer Research, HSBC, Bentley and many, many more. 

However, I felt limited by working within parameters confined to the workplace.  To achieve true transformation you need to start with the person as a human being not just an employee, I was also interested including all of my cosmic toolkit, not just what was deemed acceptable on the slide at the beginning of the session.  I have never been a mainstream person so am very pleased to be able to integrate the valuable spiritual teachings and honed intuition to provide support as a spiritual life coach, tarot reader and ceremonialist.

121 transformational power hours

If you are facing personal challenges, lack clarity, direction or feel you life no longer fits you, book a session to have a safe space to talk it through, receive intuitive guidance, energetic perspectives and practical tools to move forward with clarity, confidence and courage.

What's included:

*A diagnostic questionnaire which you will receive, fill in and send back to me before we meet.  It will help you gain clarity about what to focus on, allowing us to get to the core issues and make sure I am adding the most value for your life to move forward. 

*A transformational power hour with me.  I work with compassion, intuitive wisdom and a packed tool kit making sure I have several different practical tools which you can walk away with and start implementing in your life immediately.

*If you want to the session to be recorded I will email you an MP3 recording. This option is really helpful as you can allow yourself to be fully present during our time together, rather than feeling pressure to take notes or strain to remember everything.  Once you have the recording, within 24 hour hours, you can replay it at your leisure. 

To Book:


* You pay via PayPal via the button below or email me for BACS

* You fill in the client questionnaire:

* You email the questionnaire to helen@cacaocalling.com and offering three time slots which would work for you and the number of sessions you would like.

* I confirm the session time and you receive the link to the session.  We are good to go.

What's the investment?



1 pre-session assessment

1 60 minute transformational power hour

1 MP3 recording to keep for life


Can I book more than 1 session?

Definitely.  In your initial email with the questionnaire request how many you would like.

Can I buy a session for a friend?

Yes.  If you have their permission you can email me to pay and send the form to them, then ask them to email it to me with their availability. 

Do you offer packages?

Yes.  If you are interested in 3, 5 or 10 sessions.  The package prices are:

3 sessions £270 investment

5 sessions £425 investment

10 sessions £790 investment

24 hours notice or 100% cancellation fee applies.

‘Helen is a special, beautiful, gifted individual who listens without judgement and then uses her skills and knowledge to give you the best,  bespoke advice for YOU.  She condenses everything in an easy to understand format with as much or as little woo-wooness as you like!’ - R. Wood Financial Advisor