13 Week Transformation

Finding Freedom: 

moving from head to Heart centred living

 I gained more in 3 sessions than I gained in 3 years of therapy!  You got to the root of the issues and I have been able to find the connection I was pining for. Since the 3 sessions I have made significant changes in my personal and professional life resulting in a life that is more balanced.  Thank you Helen I believe your amazing work has given me the leaps I needed to learn to live again.

Sabi C. Psychotherapist

Weeks 1-4: You are not alone: Your Relationship with the Universe


Week 1) Intentional Living: Every thought is a prayer.  

September 28th   

You get a video, homework and a group call*.


Week 2) Believing in Miracles:  Spirituality meets quantum physics.

October 5th

You get a video, homework and a group call * . 


Week 3) The Sacred every day: Living your dream life

October 12th

 You get a video, homework and a group call * .   


Week 4)  Your life Mission: Finding clarity

October 19th

 You get a video, homework and a 121 mentoring session with me. 


Weeks 5-9: Selfish 'v' Selfless living: Your Relationship with Others

Week 5)   Getting good with no: Valuing your time

October 26th

You get a video, homework and a group call * .    


 Week 6)  The Balancing Act: Divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

Nov 2nd  
You get a video, homework and a group call*


Week 7)  Osmosis week: Rest, integrate and a chance to catch up.

Nov 9th

Week 8)  Managing your energy: Understanding your cycle & listening to your body.

 Nov 16th

2 hour Breath-work ceremony and sharing with Ariane Lugan


Week 9)   Boundaries: Reclaiming lost power.

Nov 23rd

You get a video, homework and a group call *.   


Weeks 10-13: Spiritual being having a human experience: Your Relationship with Yourself


Week 10)  Loving your body suit: nourishing yourself.

Nov 30th

You get a video, homework and a in person cacao ceremony**   


Week 11) Using the chakras: Healing the past.

 Dec 7th

You get a video, homework and a group call * .   


Week 12)  Deepening into self love: your compass.

  Dec 14th

You get a video, homework and a 121 mentoring session with me.   


Week 13)  From this moment to infinity: 2021 and beyond.  Where you are going.

Dec 21st

You get a video, homework and a group call * .


*If world events prevent a live event it will be online, if you are unable to join in person you can receive a recording or live stream.   




*1 450g bag ceremonial grade cacao from the Peruvian Andes, delivered to your door.  A supply for you to join every call, ceremony and session with cacao, if you so wish. Ethically and sustainably sourced in a farming co-operative. 

"Just received my cacao! Thank you so much. The quality is amazing and can’t get over the layering patterns in the blocks!! As raw as you can get:) and it’s so delicious!" Isla Secrett




* 1 x 10 card tarot reading with channeled meditation and intuitive guidance.  Taken at any point during the 13 weeks, allowing you to receive universal feedback on a confidential question when you feel you need an added level of support with me. 




Membership to an exclusive support group on Facebook, allowing you to deepen into the community, seek guidance and support each other as the process unfolds.  


**If you are unable to make a group call you will all receive the recording so you catch up or relisted, deepening into the learning and strengthening the community.


You know this work is for you if:

You know you need to make changes in your life and want support navigating the transition

You feel called to deepen into listening to your hearts true desires

You feel called to step up and are not sure how

You want to make the most of this game changing year

You want to move out of fear based narratives and live with love at your centre

You want to deepen your knowledge of spirituality

You want to walk away with a powerful toolkit including: plant medicines, astrology, numerology, meditation, Bach flower remedies, tapping and much, much more

You are ready to grow and want to expand your consciousness

You enjoy supporting others

You are ready to start trusting the universe and be open to the magic in life

You want to love your self more

You want to help the world be a better place


You know this work is not for you if:

You are not ready to grow and expand to a happier, stronger and wiser version of yourself

You are not interested in hearing alternative views and deeply negative and critical of others

You are not ready to invest in yourself and your future



13 weeks and all the extras is: £1600

Payable in one upfront sum


13 x Weekly instalments £140


Alternatively, join for weeks 1-6 for £888, (option to continue if you decide you want to complete the transformation to week 13).


Click above to secure your place or reply to helen@cacaocalling.com with any questions or to pay via BACS.

Booking advised as there are limited places.

With love,

Helen x

Every session was amazing in its own way, and so varied. I enjoyed every minute, and loved connecting to such a wonderful group of interesting women. The energy was so powerful; I really have found it life changing. I’m looking at life in a new light.

Lindsey Johnston

I have released past trauma and today is the beginning of the next book of my life. Thank you, you beautiful gifted being.

R.W. Independent Financial Adviser