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Cacao Calling


Working With Me:

I work with cacao as a way to allow people to quieten their minds and sink into their hearts; to connect to their authentic power, creativity and connection to All.  When we begin operating from our hearts, the shifts can be huge.


I create ceremonial circles for women to connect to their hearts and strengthen the unity of sisterhood, release pain and limitations, and rediscover their inner passion, compassion, wisdom and clarity.


I offer a space to guide and support you with tools, techniques and some universal magic to reconnect to your heart, and have the courage to put into action it's teachings.

If you are looking for some deeper changes I offer 121 ceremonies and readings for women who are opening up to a new awareness of their potential and connection to the universe. This requires an initial consultation to outline the scope of our work together and see if its a good fit… Please email me to discover more: