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1/2 Day Retreat: Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony: Deepening into Trust + Opening up to JOY

A beautiful opportunity to reconnect with your Trust in the divine plan, opening your heart to joy and confidence in LIFE.
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1/2 Day Retreat: Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony: Deepening into Trust + Opening up to JOY

Time & Location

12 Sep 2020, 09:30 – 13:30 BST

About the Event

In these times of change and uncertainty it is easy to get swept away by the chaos, loose bearings and any sense of trust in the future. There is a risk of contraction that then stops energies from flowing freely in and out, closing you to the abundance of the universe.

We invite you to join Helen Millar ( and Ariane Lugan ( for a beautiful and healing opportunity to reconnect and deepen into your Trust with the divine plan, opening your heart to joy and regaining serenity. We have designed the retreat to support you during this potent month as we move towards to most intense astrological alignments of 2020, which climax in November.  September sees Venus (love) moving into Leo (fun, expression and creativity), whilst Mars (war) is going retrograde (intensity) in Aries (warrior), we will harness these energies in the most fruitful and healing way possible. 

We are forging a new humanity right now and we are so pleased you are feeling called to be one of the change makers and taking responsibility for your healing.  We are moving into a new era where each of us is being required to take responsibility for our actions and truly discern what is the best course for society and our lives.  As the systems and structures we've relied on begin to crack we are being called to up level our faith and trust in the universe and our true potential, which is so much more beautiful than we can possibly imagine!  This needn't feel arduous or overwhelming, when we remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience life becomes much more enjoyable.

Cacao Ceremony:

Helen will take you on a healing cacao ceremony, allowing you to make the most of this beneficial opportunity to clear away the perception of chaos and uncertainty. When we reconnect to trusting ourselves and in the universe our innate joy flows forth, we own our power without fear and then our lives, and the world rises up with us.  We inherently know there is another way of being in this world, with this extraordinary time of rebirth on the planet, we can find out what that feels like. Let's not waste the opportunity to live the freest, brightest and bravest lives we choose.  Weaving together astrology, journaling, tarot, intuitive wisdom, Buddhist philosophy, channeled meditation and sharing circles, Helen holds safe sacred space for you to learn to heal yourself, and feel the difference of moving from head to heart centered living. 

Breathwork Ceremony:

After a short break Ariane will lead you into a powerful breathwork ceremony that will not only strengthen your respiratory system, but also keep expanding your heart and  connection with your inner resources, whilst helping the release of unwanted heavy energies.  Leaving you with more peace, serenity, harmony and clarity.

Having successfully collaborated in the past, Ariane and Helen reunite; excited about the change that is possible when they combine their healing areas of expertise: bringing you into alignment and connected to the true power of your heart.

This interactive 4 hour retreat includes:

- A sharing circle

- Tarot reading

- The story of Cacao and its benefits

- A Cacao Ceremony with intention setting, astrology, journaling, practicle daily tips, channeled meditation & love.

- A Conscious Connected Breathwork ceremony

Some of the benefits you may receive:

-Feeling part of a community, realising you are not alone

-Huge nutritional benefits of ceremonial cacao see here


-Insight and clarity into what is holding you back and how to change it

-Top tips for embodying the shifts in daily life

-Understanding the astrological significance and how to work with the energies

-Tarot for universal guidance

-Energetic release and emotional cleansing

-Getting out of the mind and into the body

-Connecting to your higher self

-Increased well-being, uplifted mood, serenity and joy

-A more positive outlook towards the future

Feeling the calling? 

Turn the phone off, plump the cushions, light a candle, lay a blanket, grab a journal and nestle in.

Please avoid alcohol the night before, dairy and caffeine on the day, and any food 2-3 hours before the ceremony.

Please feel free to share with anyone who needs to surrender and be held at the moment.

With you every step of the way.


Saturday 12th of September, from 9:30am – 13:30pm UK time, from the comfort of your own home.  Please register on Zoom if you haven't used it before. 

What do you need?

-Ceremonial grade Cacao in a flask. It is possible to join and use water however, cacao is recommended.  You can read more about ceremonial grade cacao here. If you are out of stock I recommend ordering it here ASAP so you can receive it in time for the ceremony.  If you would like my special recipe your email in the pop up box (click any page) to receive a free recipe and tips.  Next day delivery is available if you message me via:

-A yoga mat (or comfy rug), a blanket, a cushion/ pillow and any crystals you want to work with

-A notebook/journal and pen

-Your favourite mug and a teaspoon


-Your laptop/device and charger

-A candle (unscented if possible for breathwork), incense, diffuser with essential oil, anything to make your space retreat worthy

-Wear comfy clothes you sit and lie in with ease.  Layers are good

-Your authentic self

Who can attend?

This ceremony is open to everyone over the age of 16.

No previous experience required.

Any questions, check out the website's above and feel free: (cacao related) Helen (breathwork related) Ariane

Helen & Ariane x

"I felt very peaceful afterwards for the next 2 days, more calm and at peace. Ariane has a wonderful energy, is very gentle and made me feel very safe. I can only recommend working with her."

Nadine - Online session

"I have been to hundreds of ceremonies over the last 30 years of running a retreat centre.  Helen's cacao ceremony in Ibiza really was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt ceremonies I have ever been a part of.  I had profound realizations, felt a deep connection to my family and that was because of her heart, her knowledge, her light and the beautiful and safe space she created!"  - Kezia Kaur, Therapist, Healer, Life Coach, Founder & CEO Ashiana Retreats

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