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All 3 Eclipse Ceremonies Special

During this life changing 30 day eclipse season, join the eclipse tribe for all three ceremonies plus a free closing circle and 30 min 121 debriefing call with me.
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All 3 Eclipse Ceremonies Special

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05 Jun 2020, 19:00 BST – 08 Jul 2020, 20:00 BST

About the Event

We are forging a new humanity right now and I am so pleased you are feeling called to be one of the change makers, taking responsibility for your healing.  I have designed the ceremonies to support you over this most potent season. Fasten your seat belt; things are getting increasingly real on the world stage and this is just the beginning when we look at the 3 eclipses we are about to experience...

ECLIPSES: Usually in a year there are 4 eclipses but 2020 has 6!  How does it effect you?  I once heard an astrologer say the effect an eclipse can have on you being similar to a thunderbolt of lightening coming into your front room.  Whether that energy sends you spiralling off, or propels you closer to your goals, will depend on your awareness and preparation.  We have 3 eclipses happening within 30 days and the centre lands on the solstice;  get ready for some once in a life time action.

Part 1: 1st ECLIPSE and SUPER MOON WOMEN'S CACAO CEREMONY on FORGIVENESS- Friday 5th June 7- 9.30pm I felt guided to move this ceremony to this coming Friday, again before the rioting had happened.  As women we will be gathering to forgive what we are ready to release from our past.  When we forgive another we set out selves free.  This can be easier to intellectualise than live, but once we are ready to full release harbouring the energy it can make space for so much expansion and freedom in our selves. The time it will take to move to be ready to forgive will be different for every one, on every thing. However, if yo know now is the time to release things from your past that are holding you back, this eclipse energy will be a powerful ally to balance out the light and the dark within you, and do your part in helping restore the balance in the collective.  

Part 2: 2nd eclipse and SOLSTICE ceremony (in Cancer) is Saturday 20th June 9.-11.30am (solstice happens at 7.40am on the 21st, but the energy can be felt for days before).  This heart opening morning ceremony will be your anchoring point, allowing you to open fully to the powerful healing energy at this mid way point through this game changing year.  The full magnitude of what we are grieving (on many levels) may well be coming up during this time.  As we reach the midway point and the days are at their longest, we will be shining a light on all that has been lurking the shadows.  If we feel safe, we have the courage to look into our depths and transform what we find by bringing it into the light during this incredible portal.  This ceremony allows us to heal grief, be tender and then decide if we are ready to be the change makers we wish to be in our lives. 

Part 3: 3rd Eclipse (In Capricorn). Sunday 5th July 7-9.30 pm.  As the Capricorn goat steadily ploughs up the mountain, we will use this final eclipse to fasten our seat belts and harness our focus and energy.   July's yang energy propels us forward with a huge surge, we will really feel this in stark contrast to the more introspective and Yin energy of June.  July will be ramping up the speed and momentum and we will see where we really are needed in the world.  This is a time to make decisions and decide where you want to be headed in this new world, with your new you. 

With you every step of the way.  

SUPER SPECIAL OFFER! Each 2.30-3 hour ceremony is an eclipse special price of £24  or If you become an eclipse member you receive all 3 ceremonies in the 30 day cycle, (for maximum utilisation of the planets energy at the centre of this incredible year). 

+PLUS: As a thank you for investing in your spiritual growth during this uncertain time, I am also including a free 30 minute check in call with me after the eclipse season; you can use it as a container to get clarity about what you are taking away, or ask for guidance with what has been coming up.

++PLUS: As the community we create during ceremony is profound and intrinsic to the healing, there will be a closing circle helping you ground and embody the work at no extra charge. The circle will include a channelled mediation, tarot reading for where we have got to and what is coming up, and top take tips for aftercare. 7-8pm Wednesday 8th of July. 

Eclipse season membership for all of this is just £60.  Join with or without ceremonial grade cacao. Order yours asap if you are out of stock.  Next day available if you message me via:

A deeper dive into the the 1st ceremony on the 5th:

Are you feeling resentful about not being able to release past trauma? If you are feeling like it is a burden you will never fully be able to free yourself from, whilst yearning to move on, join me for a powerful healing women's ceremony on Forgiveness. When we forgive another we free our selves.

As mother earth is shifting dimensions and raising her frequency, any dense energies within us can be having a resurgence, we can find our mind keeps returning to events we thought we had left behind.  I believe this is an opportunity for us to dig deeper into releasing through the healing frequency of forgiveness.  Often we can say or think we have forgiven someone but until we can feel it in our hearts we can never fully release the energy.  It ends up limiting our lives and now, more than ever is the time for women to turn their trauma in to fertiliser for standing in their truth of their heart centred power.

The ceremony will be a chance to gather as women, it is so powerful for us the be doing this work as sisters together at this monumental time.  When we heal together we don't just clear our own trauma but that of all women.  It is so healing to be able to stay in your heart, acknowledged your past and genuinely send forgiveness out to all you have endured and can now release.

Now is the time for women to connect to the earth, and stand up to rectify to energetic imbalances of the planet.  For too long we have as a society and individuals, placed value on the masculine energies and judged, ignored or suppressed the feminine.  We each hold both polarities in us, regardless of gender, and now it is time to release all past events limiting our ability to be fully present in the here and now, looking forward with wisdom and determination.  Own your power, don't be scared of it, your life and world will rise up with you when you do.  As women, we inherently know there is another way of being in this world, with this extraordinary time of rebirth on the planet, we can find out what that looks like. Let's not waste the opportunity to live the freest, brightest and bravest lives we want.    

Feel the calling? Turn the phone off, plump the cushions, light a candle, lay a blanket, grab a journal and nestle in.  

Please avoid alcohol the night before and any food 2-3 hours before the ceremony.

Please feel free to share with anyone who needs to surrender and be held at the moment.

Any questions, just ask.

Helen x

  • Eclipse Season Member

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