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Channeled Meditation + More Session: Deepen your Intuition. 5 Senses (consciousnesses) Part 3 Sound

Each of the 5 senses is a consciousness; with awareness they can be developed, becoming stepping stones to go within & expand your higher consciousness: realising there is an inner knowing, a whisper guiding you, always, the more you go within for advice, the more you learn you've all the answers.
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Channeled Meditation + More Session: Deepen your Intuition.  5 Senses (consciousnesses) Part 3 Sound

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28 Oct 2020, 20:00 – 21:20 GMT

About the Event

This Autumn: I can't express how important we are right now.  Between this moment and December 21st we have the most intense astrological energy we have seen in hundreds of years.  Don't worry, if you have navigated yourself through 2020 so far, and are reading this, you are on your way to reclaiming your power and expanding your consciousness.  What happens with this energy is down to each one of us; we co-create the world we are living in.  The media would have you feel powerless, you're not.  I Invite you to navigate the next 5 weeks by expanding your 5 consciousnesses (5 senses), through joy, curiosity and openness. See how your intuition flourishes as you heighten all that you are and can connect with.

This week: When there is so much contradiction, polarization and fear it can be difficult to know what to do for best. When you quieten down the external world and go within, you start to realise there is an inner knowing, a whisper guiding you, always, the more you learn to turn inwards for advice, the stronger this relationship with your own guidance system will strengthen.

This week we will continue our journey with Sound.

If you feel like you want to lose the indecision and overwhelm and gain clarity and trust, join me to learn how sound can help heal, alleviate stress, help concentration, damage your psychic abilities, create intimacy, deepen relationships, enjoyable homework to play with plus: what is going on with the collective energies & astrology this week, top practical tips to help you navigate them, a tarot reading and channeled meditation to deepen into the consciousness.

Each sensory session can be booked individually, or as a journey of 6 sessions to commit to your development and expanding consciousnesses.  You will have the downloads and can do them any time you need to deepen into further expansion.

As ceremonial grade cacao heightens the senses, due to it containing Arginine, Phenylethylamine (PEA: "The Love Chemical”) and sending up to 40% more blood around the brain it would be a wonderful ally to work with during the sessions.  Optional of course.

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE IT LIVE YOU RECEIVE THE RE-PLAY TO WATCH IN YOUR OWN TIME. There are also previous recordings available to download in the shop.

If you resonate, grab a journal, cushion and candle and set yourself aside 80 mins of mid-week me time. Tune into develop self love and compassion, decompress and gain clarity.

The more of us who gather the stronger the energy is, so please do invite friends and relatives to join in raising the vibration in this very powerful week.  The session includes a deep guided meditation, tarot reading for the past, present and future as well as top tips for staying sane and happy in during this tumultuous time.

These events are pay what you can in order to reflect the spectrum of income people have at their disposal.  It will run via zoom from 8-9.20 pm.

Having worked with different meditating traditions all over the world, I draw on my favourite, most accessible and powerful to help you decompress, de-clutter and reconnect to deepest aspect of yourself.  Leaving you grounded and empowered.

Feel the calling: Turn the phone off, plump the cushions, light a candle, lay a blanket, grab a journal and nestle in for a guided meditation and top tips on managing all that arises during this intensity.

Share with whomever needs to reconnect with their hearts.  Please register on zoom in advance if you haven't used it before.

You do not need to have mediated before, beginners and sceptics welcome, as are crystal wearing, third eye activated star-seeds. Meditation is more powerful when done in unity.  Don't believe me? Check out what happened in  Washington in 1993.

~~~ Option to join with Ceremonial grade cacao. As I mentioned above, one of its many benefits is deepening meditation as up to 40% more blood goes round the brain, allowing you to think much more creatively and heightening receptivity. It is also superb for detox, boosting mood and immunity.  Check out the different sizes I offer to your door in the shop here:

Feedback from 'Following Your Intuition' Foundation Session for the 5 senses journey: 'I just did the session. Honestly your meditations are so powerful. My Wednesday sessions with you over lockdown and beyond have been so enlightening and transformative. I am so grateful that I have been able to be part of what you are doing.' Alice Robertson, teacher & illustrator

Want more bespoke support:

*6 week journey 'Cacao Consciousness' run with the Psychedelic Society

*121 Cacao Ceremonies available on consultation

*121 Tarot sessions are also available to book via the website

*121 Spiritual life coaching sessions bookable by the hour or in a package

Recent feedback:

When I emailed you it was a deep cry for help. I felt that my world had reached a point of all or nothing. I was so disconnected from myself that I didn’t have the will to live. I had no idea who I was anymore. You patiently listened to my story and offered me a space that felt very safe. The one to one ceremonies changed my life. The gentleness was what I needed. I gained more in 3 sessions than I gained in 3 years of therapy! You got to the root of the issues and I have been able to find the connection I was pining for. Since the 3 sessions I have made significant changes in my personal and professional life resulting in a life that is more balanced. We search for purpose, for meaning, for love and what I learnt from the work we did together was that I have all the answers within me. I look forward to further one to one sessions as I build on my own personal sense of self and what I want out of life. Thank you Helen I believe your amazing work has given me the leaps I needed to learn to live again. - Sabi C. Psychotherapist 121 Client

"Thank you for another powerful and beautiful meditation. You are so inspiring and calming. I always come away from one of your sessions feeling empowered, supported, positive and seen." - Feedback on meditations


Helen x

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