Intuitive Tarot 

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The Deck
I work with Alice Instone's deck: 'Grandmother's Tarot'.  It is a unusual, beautiful and powerful source that I have been working with for years.  It has no major or minor arcana which means each card is equally important.  It is a feminine deck, the art work is contemporary, and the card include quotes, and poetry.  It is also a playing card deck so the suits and card numbers add another level of significance. 

Tarot offer:

Currently via zoom, space and time and immaterial whilst working with energy. 


30 mins: 10 card intuitive reading. Recording of the session emailed to you to listen to as many times as you want.  This is a great option if you are frustrated or confused over an issue and unsure of what the signs are telling you. 30 mins £50


60 minutes:  All the above plus a much deeper dive into the not only the cards and their symbolism but direct messages that are coming through for you to know at this time. This is really going to help if you are feeling ready to receive a new level of information about a certain area, and are open to receive what is needed to come through on multiple levels. £80 


Let me know which one you are called towards and 3 options of your availability to


Looking forward to being able to offer guidance, insight and clarity.

Thank you so much for my tarot reading, it was honestly so powerful and insightful and really made sense of the dilemma I was experiencing. I felt such clarity afterwards. Even over zoom it really felt like a very connected and beautifully held space. Thank you Helen - Molly B

24 hours notice or 100% cancellation fee applies.