30 mins: 10 card intuitive reading. Recording of the session emailed to you to listen to as many times as you want.  This is a great option if you are frustrated or confused over an issue and unsure of what the signs are telling you. 30 mins £50


Send 3 options of your availability to helen@cacaocalling.com


Looking forward to being able to offer guidance, insight and clarity.

If this is a present I need youto email the persons full name.

30 min Tarot reading

  • I work with Alice Instone's deck: 'Grandmother's Tarot'.  It is a unusual, beautiful and powerful source that I have been working with for years.  It has no major or minor arcana which means each card is equally important.  It is a feminine deck, the art work is contemporary, and the card include quotes, and poetry.  It is also a playing card deck so the suits and card numbers add another level of significance.  This will unlike a reading with traditional tarot cards.   
    What I love about it is: the depth of the cards, their contemporary resonace and multifaceted reading points.