With everything mounting, allow yourself this time to shed what is superfluous, coming back to the core of who you are, what you're feeling and where you're going.

Feeling it is all a bit much right now?  This session was recorded to assist the 6 months of Mars being in Aries, till January 2021.  We can feel these energies as war like, opposition, anger, frustration and fear, the easy option is to allow us to feel engulfed by them and swept up in the herd of tumultuous emotion, however, a higher choice is possible, if we use the warrior energy to fight for peace, clarity and truth within ourselves, and then with in society.  The warrior energy will be different for each of us, from learning to unconditionally love ourselves and override the inner critic, to standing up for those without a voice, and smiling from your heart at a stranger wracked with fear.


This hour is full of top practical tips to help you stay grounded in your heart and your truth during this challenging period: from how avocados can help heal guilt, to remedies for courage and shamanic bathing to receive nurturing from your ancestors when you feel alone.  Learn to find your inner warrior and how to use it.  


There is a tarot reading for the period and channeled meditation to help you release the burden and call in the light of Syrius so you can feel and own your deepest strength, courage and compassion amongst the polarity.  Tuning into your own inner warrior archetypal energy will inspire others to hold the vision of peace as well.

Recorded in August 2020 this will serve throughout the Mars in Aries cycle till January 2021.

Tune in with or without ceremonial grade cacao when you need to boost your courage and self belief, to see unity, not division, amongst people and stand in your light with ease. 

Recorded Session including top tips, channeled meditation and tarot

  • Not to be resold, distributed, streamed or uploaded.  For personal use only.